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Holding a Camp Name Ceremony

A few years back I was at a summer camp round table session and one of the camp pros told us that they did a camp name ceremony at the beginning of each summer. I was intrigued. Up until then we let … Read Full Article

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5 S’more Upgrades

There's nothing like sitting around a campfire, with a group of campers or fellow camp staff, roasting marshmallows and making s'mores. But, sometimes you want to change things up a bit. Here are my 5 favorite s'more upgrades. … Read Full Artcle

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How Many Lollipop Moments Have You Created?

A couple of weeks ago I asked a Facebook Group of Camp Professionals for camp videos for my Video of the Week series. One person, Amelie Nicole, offered up a TedX video called Leading with Lollipops. This was not the type of video that I was looking for, but … Read Full Artcle

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A Travel Day Camp Program That Rules the Road

Do you remember that MTV show Road Rules? I used to run a “travel” camp for middle school campers based on that theme. If you aren’t familiar with Road Rules it was a reality show that had 6 people live and travel in an RV. They would follow clues and take on … Read Full Artcle