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The VIP Experience

Red carpets, fine dining, priority seating, behind-the-scenes access, early admission...in general, special treatment, exclusivity, pampering - these are the kinds of things a VIP (Very Important Person) Package might offer. It's not just an experience for … Read Full Artcle


The Beginning and The End

A while back I got some words of advice about programming that has stuck with me. To this day, it is one of the best pieces of programming advice I've ever received. One summer I had sent out surveys for one of my camps and what came back was a SHOCK! … Read Full Artcle


These Game Show Buzzers are So Cool!

I enjoy running game shows and trivia contests with staff and campers. Here are a few that I have done in the past. Family Fued The Hermione Challenge (Harry Potter Camp) Who Wants to Be a Wizard (Harry Potter Camp) The District Game Show (Hunger … Read Full Artcle