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My Favorite Skits – Echo

Download PDF file here. Echo Cast: Hiker #1 Hiker #2 Hiker #3 Echo Three people are out for a hike. They are in awe of the beauty of the area. They come to a valley that one of them has been to … Read Full Article

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Harry Potter Camp Ideas…an Update

A few years ago I had decided to stop running our annual Harry Potter Day Camp. I figured since all the books had been published and all the movies were on DVD the popularity of it all would just go away. After speaking with some of the parents of campers who … Read Full Artcle


5 Easy to Run Scavenger Hunts

Oh no! The sport balls are all deflated, the bow strings are all frayed and the craft supplies haven't arrived from S&S yet. What do we do? If you have been a camp professional for any amount of time, you know how much campers LOVE hunts. Treasure hunts … Read Full Artcle