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How to Run a SCUBA Day Camp Program

Are you looking for a new specialty day camp? Do you live near a place that offers SCUBA lessons? If so, this post may be of interest to you. SCUBA CAMP This camp is all about one thing, getting your "campers" SCUBA certified. There will be no arts and … Read Full Artcle


Creating an Arts and Crafts Makerspace at Camp

I learned about makerspaces on the GoCampPro membership forum. YMCA Camp Kitaki was putting one together and it sounded like a great idea. So I did some research on makerspaces. WHAT IS A MAKERSPACE? MAKERSPACE - Also referred to as a hackspace (or … Read Full Artcle


If I Were to Run a Zombie Camp – XP

Zombies. They are disgusting. They eat people. They have no redeeming qualities. Yet we are fascinated by the idea of surviving a zombie apocalypse. Of course, if they are the fast moving, unstoppable zombies you see in the movie World War Z, forget about … Read Full Artcle