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The Craft Every Camp Should Offer

Every camp should have a button maker set or two. There are so many things you can do with them. 9 REASONS TO HAVE BUTTON MAKERS AT YOUR CAMP Buttons cost less than 10 cents each, making them a low cost craft. Campers can be creative in their design … Read Full Artcle


10 Ways to Spice Up Your Staff Bio Page

Do you have a staff bio page? If so, then scroll down to see a few ways to spice it up. If you don't have a staff bio page then create one. Parents and campers alike really like to view the current staff and learn about them. It can be one of your most visited … Read Full Artcle


The VIP Experience

Red carpets, fine dining, priority seating, behind-the-scenes access, early admission...in general, special treatment, exclusivity, pampering - these are the kinds of things a VIP (Very Important Person) Package might offer. It's not just an experience for … Read Full Artcle