• Video of the Week – Come and Play Outside at Camp Sloane YMCA
  • How to Create a Life-Size Candy Land Game
  • Why Should I Send My Kids to Camp? – 5 Resources

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How to Create a Life-Size Candy Land Game

A few years back I put together a life-sized Candy Land game for an Easter event. I am going to be honest, this was not an easy project, but once it was finished it was great. The kids loved it, the parents loved it, and we'll have it for years to come. In … Read Full Artcle


Video of the Week – A Summer Camp Snapshot

Wild Packs Summer Camp Staff commissioned Cove Creek Productions to create a video using a mash-up of different camp videos. This is the awesome result. Want to submit your video for VIDEO OF THE MONTH? Email me at curt@recreationpros.com … Read Full Artcle


7 Rules For You Camp

There used to be a great magazine called Motto. In one of the issues it highlighted the company Cranium. The article was very cool as is the company. One of the neat things that was in the article was Cranium's 7 rules that their employees live by. If you're a … Read Full Artcle