100 Summer Camp Themes

This is the ultimate list of summer camp themes. You might want to bookmark this page.

  1. Adventureland
  2. Alice in Wonderland (Down the Rabbit Hole)
  3. All Ball
  4. Amazing Race
  5. Ancient Egypt
  6. Animal Planet
  7. Anything Goes
  8. Around the World in 80 Days
  9. Artful Antics
  10. Atlantis
  11. Barnyard Palooza
  12. Best of the Best
  13. Buggin’ Out or A Bug’s Life
  14. “Camp ______’s Got Talent”
  15. Celebration of Nations
  16. Challenge Week
  17. Construction
  18. Creative Campers
  19. Cruise Ship
  20. CSI
  21. Desert Oasis
  22. Dinosaurs
  23. Disco Dayz
  24. Disney
  25. Emergency Services
  26. Exploration
  27. Fairy Tales
  28. Famous Artists
  29. Fear Factor
  30. Fiesta
  31. Fun and Fitness
  32. Futuristic Fun
  33. Game Show Mania
  34. Gettin’ Dirty
  35. Girl Power
  36. Goin’ Green
  37. Gold Rush
  38. Greek Greatness
  39. Hawaiian Hullabaloo
  40. Holidays
  41. Hollywood
  42. I Love the 80’s
  43. Imaginarium
  44. Inventor’s Workshop
  45. Island Explorer
  46. Knights and Princesses
  47. Leadership
  48. MACH 1 (Multi-Adventure CHallenge)
  49. Mad Science
  50. Mission Impossible
  51. Moovin’ and Groovin’
  52. Music Makers
  53. Myths and Legends
  54. Nickelodeon Days
  55. Olympics
  56. Ooey Gooey
  57. Outback!
  58. Outside the Box
  59. Party in the USA
  60. Penguins and Polar Bears
  61. Performing Arts
  62. Pirates
  63. Raiders of the Lost Artifact
  64. Rainforest Adventure
  65. Renaissance
  66. Reptiles and Amphibians
  67. Rockstars
  68. Safari
  69. Spa and Relaxation
  70. Space is the Place
  71. Splish Splash
  72. Sports Extravaganza
  73. Stars and Stripes
  74. Storytellers
  75. Superheroes
  76. Surf Safari
  77. Survivor
  78. Symphony of the 5 Senses
  79. Teddy Bear Adventures
  80. The “Magic” of Camp
  81. The 60’s
  82. The Mighty Jungle
  83. The No-Theme Week
  84. Time Travelers
  85. To the Extreme
  86. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn
  87. Treasure Hunters
  88. Tropical Paradise
  89. Under the Big Top
  90. Under the Sea
  91. Urban Adventures
  92. Vikings
  93. Wacky and Wonderful
  94. We Are Family (Teamwork)
  95. Where the Wild Things Are
  96. Wild West
  97. Wind and Sea
  98. Wizards
  99. (Your State) Adventures
  100. ????? (Mystery Week)


  1. says

    I have been checking here for several years, and I appreciate not only the website, but the input and ideas from everybody else! Keep up the great work!

    A theme we plan to do for 2014 is “Everyday Heroes.” We are a day camp and have many friends and parents that are EMS, Police, Fire and Military, and will be celebrating each of those areas with guest visitors, activities, games and contests.

  2. Big Mike says

    We do theme weeks at our camp, and every day we have a different theme related to the broader theme of the week. This year I plan to do a Muppets week, with Animal (music day), Miss Piggy (messy day), Bunsen and Beaker (science day), Swedish Chef (cooking day), and of course Kermit (field trip to the local marshlands).

  3. Karen Christman says

    This yer I’m doing Gilligan Island. We will run water events every day and have our own professor corner.

  4. says

    I’ve used quite a few of these themes, or very similar themes, for our day camp! They’re always a huge hit with everyone- campers, parents, staff, you name it! :)

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