Over 350 Camp Names

Do you use camp names? I love camp names, but after a while they begin to repeat. How many “Sunshines” can one camp have? My camp name is Moose. There’s another one that’s overused, but I like it. I have compiled a list of over 350 of my favorite camp names. Why? Because I know it can be difficult to for new staff to come up with a camp names.

If your new staff can’t seem to come up with a good alias, let them look over the list. If your camp doesn’t do the whole “camp name thing” I suggest you consider it. The staff like it and the campers love it. After all it’s easier to distinguish between 3 male counselors know as Jedi, Sport and Possum then it is to have three counselors known by their real names of Mike, Mike and Mike (not to mention that it’s a lot more fun).

I want to thank Smudge, cedar trees, Indigo, campkgurl and goof_oak on the ACA message boards for helping me with this list. They had more suggestions, but I compiled a list of the ones that I felt were the best.

  1. Ace
  2. Airborne
  3. Ajax
  4. Aladdin
  5. Alpine
  6. Angel
  7. Apollo
  8. Aspen
  9. Astro
  10. Aussie
  11. Avalanche
  12. Bach
  13. Badger
  14. Baja
  15. Bam Bam
  16. Bambi
  17. Banjo
  18. Bazooka
  19. Bear
  20. Beetle
  21. Bigfoot
  22. Blackjack
  23. Blaze
  24. Blue
  25. Bobo
  26. Bonsai
  27. Boom Boom
  28. Boomer
  29. Braveheart
  30. Bravo
  31. Breeze
  32. Broadway
  33. Bronco
  34. Bubba
  35. Bubbles
  36. Buckeye
  37. Bullwinkle
  38. Burt (and Ernie)
  39. Buttercup
  40. Butterfly
  41. Butterscotch
  42. Cactus
  43. Cali
  44. Calico
  45. Cannonball
  46. Captain
  47. Casper
  48. Castaway
  49. Caveman
  50. Cedar
  51. Cheddar
  52. Cheetah
  53. Chewy
  54. Chipmunk
  55. Choco
  56. Chords
  57. Chowder
  58. Chunk
  59. Cinnamon
  60. Cisco
  61. Coach
  62. Coco
  63. Coda
  64. Condor
  65. Cowboy
  66. Coyote
  67. Crash
  68. Crazy Horse
  69. Cricket
  70. Critter
  71. Crush
  72. Da Vinci
  73. Daisy
  74. Dakota
  75. Dash
  76. Deuce
  77. Dew
  78. Dexter
  79. Digger
  80. Dino
  81. Ditto
  82. Dobby
  83. Doc
  84. Dogwood
  85. Domino
  86. Doodle
  87. Dot
  88. Dove
  89. Dude
  90. Ducky
  91. Dunk
  92. Dusty
  93. Echo
  94. Eeyore
  95. Einstein
  96. Elf
  97. Endo
  98. Ernie (and Burt)
  99. Fable
  100. Fajita
  101. Falcon
  102. Fandango
  103. Felix
  104. Ferret
  105. Firebug
  106. Firefly
  107. Flash
  108. Flipper
  109. Flower
  110. Footloose
  111. Fox
  112. Fozzi
  113. Frankenstein
  114. Freckles
  115. Frogger
  116. Fuzzy
  117. Gadget
  118. Gator
  119. Gecko
  120. Gemini
  121. Giggles
  122. Gilligan
  123. Gizmo
  124. Glitter
  125. Goldilocks
  126. Goofy
  127. Gopher
  128. Greystoke
  129. Griffin
  130. Grizzly
  131. Gumby
  132. Guppy
  133. Gus
  134. Happy Feet
  135. Harmony
  136. Havoc
  137. Hawk
  138. Hercules
  139. Hero
  140. Hickory
  141. High Tide
  142. Hip Hop
  143. Hollywood
  144. Houdini
  145. Hubba Bubba
  146. Hurricane
  147. Ice
  148. Iceman
  149. Indie
  150. Iroq
  151. Ivy
  152. Jade
  153. Jasper
  154. Jazz
  155. Jedi
  156. Jelly Bean
  157. Jewel
  158. Jet
  159. Jib-Jab
  160. Jinx
  161. Juju
  162. Karma
  163. Kazoo
  164. Kermit
  165. Kiki
  166. Kindle
  167. Kit
  168. Kit Kat
  169. Kiwi
  170. Koala
  171. Ladybug
  172. Lemonade
  173. Lightning
  174. Lion-o
  175. Lizard
  176. M&M
  177. Mac
  178. Mad Max
  179. Maestro
  180. Malibu
  181. Maverick
  182. Meadow
  183. Melody
  184. Merlin
  185. Micky
  186. Mist
  187. Mojo
  188. Money
  189. Monkey
  190. Moon River
  191. Moondance
  192. Moonstone
  193. Moose
  194. Morningstar
  195. Mozart
  196. Mutt
  197. Nacho
  198. Nemo
  199. Neptune
  200. Nerf
  201. New York
  202. Nikita
  203. Nitro
  204. Nugget
  205. Oak
  206. Oreo
  207. Orion
  208. Otter
  209. Oz
  210. Padfoot
  211. Panda
  212. Pathfinder
  213. Paws
  214. Pebbles
  215. Pelican
  216. Pepper
  217. Petra
  218. Phoenix
  219. Pigglet
  220. Piper
  221. Pirate
  222. Pogo
  223. Ponderosa
  224. Pops
  225. Possum
  226. Pringles
  227. Professor
  228. Quicksilver
  229. Rabbit
  230. Radar
  231. Rain
  232. Rainbow
  233. Ranger
  234. Rascal
  235. Raven
  236. Razzle
  237. Rebel
  238. Redtail
  239. Redwood
  240. Rhino
  241. Rider
  242. River
  243. Rob Roy
  244. Robinhood
  245. Rocket
  246. Rocky
  247. Rolo
  248. Roo
  249. Ropes
  250. Rudy
  251. Saber
  252. Sahara
  253. Samson
  254. Sasquatch
  255. Sassafras
  256. Scooby
  257. Scooter
  258. Scout
  259. Sea Dog
  260. Sea Breeze
  261. Seal
  262. Shadow
  263. Shakespeare
  264. Shamrock
  265. Sharkey
  266. Shipwreck
  267. Sierra
  268. Silver
  269. Sinbad
  270. Siren
  271. Skeeter
  272. Skipper
  273. Skippy
  274. Skittles
  275. Sky
  276. Snake
  277. Snickers
  278. Snoopy
  279. Snuggles
  280. Solo
  281. Solstice
  282. Sonic
  283. Southpaw
  284. Spanky
  285. Sparkles
  286. Sparrow
  287. Special K
  288. Speedy
  289. Spice
  290. Spirit
  291. Splash
  292. Spork
  293. Sport
  294. Star
  295. Star Gazer
  296. Stardust
  297. Starlight
  298. Storm
  299. Stripes
  300. Summit
  301. Sundance
  302. Sunflower
  303. Sunny
  304. Sunshine
  305. Superstar
  306. Sweet Pea
  307. Sycamore
  308. Ta-Dah
  309. Tango
  310. Tank
  311. Taz
  312. Thumper
  313. Thunder
  314. Tick
  315. Tigger
  316. Timber
  317. Tinker
  318. Tinkerbell
  319. Titan
  320. Tomahawk
  321. Tonks
  322. Tornado
  323. Tree
  324. Trixy
  325. Troll
  326. Tumbleweed
  327. Tuna
  328. Turbo
  329. Turtle
  330. Tweety
  331. Twilight
  332. Twinkie
  333. Twix
  334. Viper
  335. Wallaby
  336. Weasel
  337. Weeble
  338. Whisper
  339. Wild Bill
  340. Wildcat
  341. Wildwood
  342. Wiley
  343. Willow
  344. Wizard
  345. Wolf
  346. Woods
  347. Woody
  348. Xena
  349. Ya-Ya
  350. Yeah-Yeah
  351. Yoda
  352. Yogi
  353. Zen
  354. Zero
  355. ZigZag
  356. Zip
  357. Zoom



  1. Annika says

    Hey! These are great! My camp nickname was Anakin, from Star Wars. It was fun to pretend that I was actually Anakin, and the fact that I’m a female just made it all the more fun!

  2. Curt says

    Hi Annika (I mean Anakin), Thanks for the nice comment. I love using camp names and require my staff to use them during the summer. The kids really get a kick out of it too, of course.

  3. Jessie says

    thanks for the great ideas im gonna be a leader at a summer camp and i need to pick a camp name but it has to be something to do with nature and this list has given me some good ideas thanks…now i just need to pick one lol

  4. Curt "Moose" Jackson says

    Congratulations on your summer job. You’re going to love it. I’m glad I can be a part of your preparation. Let us know what name you end up picking.

  5. Cactus says

    When choosing your camp name, keep in mind that it will probably follow you around for years and years. I’ve been Cactus for over 10 years now and I am often approached in public by teens (previous camp kids) who still only know me as Cactus… so choose your camp name wisely.

    Cheers, Cactus

  6. Kara says

    My favorite camp name was at a Girl Scout camp I worked at one year. One of the other counselors couldn’t decide on a camp name so she went with “Pending.” It was awesome!

  7. Critter says

    My camp name orginated when it was nearing the end of the day of one of my first trainings for the Girl Scout day camp I work at, I was staring at a list I’d compiled (wish I’d had this list!) and had to pick one because they needed to make my name button. Now I totally love it, and it’s managed to really fit my personality as well as my roles at my 2nd camp, a week-long overnight, Harry Potter themed camp.

    Also, this website in general is awesome!

  8. Curt "Moose" Jackson says

    Critter, that’s a great example of how one gets a camp name. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Anonymous says

    Any ideas for camp names that go together for two sisters? For instance, I knew sisters named Hakuna and Matata and brothers named Orion and Sirius. My sister and I both need a unique camp name and it would be fun if they went together!

  10. Curt "Moose" Jackson says

    Fire and Ice
    Katniss and Prim
    Peaches and Cream
    Salt and Pepper
    Yin and Yang
    Chip and Dale
    Athena and Artemis
    Sapphire and Xena
    Blossom and Buttercup (or Bubbles)
    Earth and Heaven
    Fish and Chips
    Rock and Roll
    Sugar and Spice
    Sun and Moon

  11. Donica says

    I worked for the first time at a summer camp this summer at the ripe ole age of 28. It was quite an experience considering I’d never really done camp, and this was a girl scout camp in minnesota.
    The camp name I went with though was one that I’ve had since I was ten and got AOL for the first time, and I never bothered to change it, but it worked well as a camp name.
    The name was Blossom.

    We had some interesting characters at camp, though. Including was a Disappearing Turtle (DT), Nutella, Salty Roll, Sakura and a Looper.

  12. Curt "Moose" Jackson says

    Those are some interesting names, Donica. It’s fun to have camp names, isn’t it?

  13. Lemonade says

    I’m sad to see that my name is not there, I really love it and wouldn’t change it for anything!!

  14. Mark Wright says

    My camp name is Rubber Ducky. I’m kind of a big guy, somewhat intimidating to new campers. It really helps put them at ease and makes them feel more comfortable in the camp when I tell them my camp name. I’ve had the name for about 13 years now.

  15. Curt "Moose" Jackson says

    Rubber Ducky…I like it. Haven’t heard that one before. Thanks for sharing, Mark.

  16. says

    I love having a camp name!! Mine is Logurt! Hahah It started my first year of camp as a camper. I have always been a helper, and my counseler was awesome. Her name was Ringo, and I brought her in “Logurt” Which is whipped topping, and yogurt mixed together, and put into a pie crust. So she always called me that, and the name stuck!

  17. Mushu says

    Mushu…I was dubbed as such because I’m small and red (I’m very fair and I blush/burn a lot), and Mulan is one of my favourite movies! I’ve had it for 5 years…and counting!

  18. anonymous says

    at the YMCA camp that I worked for four years we “earned” our names – they were give to us and all had stories behind them. I was YogiBear (mostly called Yogi) and a few of my kids called me Yogurt one year after they noticed that I brough yogurt with me a lot. Now I have to come up with my own for a new camp that I am working at.

  19. Curt "Moose" Jackson says

    I like the name YogiBear. Can’t you just use that at the new camp?
    I like the idea of “earning” a camp name, but unless that is done during staff training, staff will go into the summer with just their regular names and campers will know them as Joe or Jennifer or whatever. Then mid-summer a counselor does something stupid and are branded/named as “Ropey” because they got caught up in a bunch of ropes before tripping and falling down. Now they have a camp name they neither picked nor wanted. That is why we have our staff come up with their own camp names then tell the rest of the staff why they chose the name. It has to have some meaning. Just because someone likes to wear sandals they can’t name themselves Flip-Flop. Once they share the name and story behind it the rest of the staff vote to accept the name or reject it. If rejected they have to come up with something else.

  20. anonymous says

    hi! I love those names and I might even use them for a camp I am setting up this summer!

  21. Curt "Moose" Jackson says

    We print out the names or send a link to our new staff each summer so they can either pick one or be inspired by one. It helps them to wrap their head around camp names.

  22. says

    Hi my camp name was pixie at an older camp but now it is peanut and i am shocked that neither of these are on here!!!

  23. Scrambled says

    I got dubbed my camp name when a few of my closest friends told me that my brain was a little more scrambled than everyone else’s.. It definitely suits me thats for sure! All the kids think that my favourite breakfast is the scrambled eggs so thursdays (when scrambled eggs are served) are always a little exciting in my cabin.
    As for some other awesome camp names, we had sisters named Sasquatch and Nessie.. Camello, Redneck, Bean, Okemo, Boss, Tiny, Gus Gus, Mac, Bob, Double Lolly, and Otter are all super cool ones I think
    Camp names are one of my favourite things at camp, but I’m awful at not calling the counsellors by their real names

  24. Jade says

    I am currently in the process of deciding what I want my name to be. I have compiled a short list of names that I want to use next year. I know that it sounds a little early to be brainstorming names, but I want one where I know I won’t change my mind. Here’s the list that I have come up with so far:
    Feel free to add any of these that you like onto your list. Also, I think that the name Bubbles, which was on your list, is overused. Every time I’ve seen camp names used, that has been one of them.

  25. Steve-o says

    Thanks for the list. I’m a new camp director and want to start doing this next summer, I’ve noticed over the past 10 years working at camps that the staff with nicknames get remembered more often than the ones without. It’s also really cool if you run into a camper in the off season and you suddenly hear your camp name shouted across a restaurant.

  26. Jenna (hopefully Sparrow in the summers!) says

    I have been a summer camper since I was 9 years old and this summer I’m going to (finally!) be old enough to be a counselor at the Girl Scout camp where I practically grew up at. I know it’s waaaay early to think of camp names, but I just love this list. Some names that I’d like to add that were counselors that I loved are

    Newton (sometimes went by Figgy)

  27. Arwen says

    I’m thinking of a camp name and came up with Arwen, from The Lord of the rings trilogy! I think it’s pretty cool ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Curt "Moose" Jackson says

    I like Arwen. Sure beats Gollum. You know, Arwen was also referred to as Evenstar, and that’s a cool camp name, too.

  29. Bacon says

    All the camp names I ever had: Bigfoot, Yoshi, SpongeBob, Rainbow Dash, Panda, Penguin, and now I’m sticking with Bacon for good!

  30. Curt "Moose" Jackson says

    mmmm, bacon. How did you get those camp names? That’s a lot of variation.

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